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The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog back


Premieres 28-29 December

Weekends 9AM | 7PM

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In Gnarly Woods, mysteries abound and almost anything can happen. A lone bell rings by itself, fish rain from the sky, green eyes glow in the dark, trees turn blue, the lake suddenly foams... and is that a giant phantom footprint?! No one can figure it out. No one, that is, except Alfred Hedgehog - a ten-year-old ace detective with a natural nose for mystery!

With the help of his best friends Camille and Milo, Alfred Hedgehog scours crime scenes and sorts through clues at Hedgequarters. The trio often finds surprising solutions to these nature-based mysteries!

Anyone can join this skilled and creative detective team! So if you're armed with critical thinking, have a knack for science, and are ace at linking clues, grab your thinking hat and explore the mysteries of Gnarly Woods with Alfred Hedgehog, Camille and Milo.

Solving mysteries won’t always be easy, but it will always be fun!


Airs as part of WOW WEEKENDS - two whole hours of kids' favourites this December!

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